Indoor/outdoor cabinets

Compact cabinets

Fiberpowertech has developed a low-cost and compact Street Cabinet. When building your FTTx network, you often need to handle and work with your fibre optic cables. The Fiberpowertech Street Cabinet enables you with easy access and fast and simple handling. The FPT Street Cabinet comes with a wide variety of options and configurations, to make sure they fit your specific network.

  • 12 -288 optical fibers
  • Breakout possibility
  • Rubber sealings elements ø2 – ø12mm
  • Easy mounting in 2 sections
  • Made in painted Aluminium
  • Violence protected with different lock systems
  • Standard cable size from ø2 – ø12mm

Fitted with splice cassettes, and an easy to use “Comb” system for mounting the microducts, all in one compact solution, working with the Fiberpowertech Street Cabinet is easy, fast and effective!

Changeable front cover


In case of damage, graffiti or posters the complete outer shell can be replaced in 1 minute. No need to clean the street cabinet at location, it can be done in a chemical approved environment. Will save time and cost.

The front cover as an commercial campaign for Fiber To The Home “100 MB for 32€” easy to change –  back to “normal”