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Fiberpowertech provides a wide range of Connectors for assembling and terminating ducts and pipes, when working with products such as  Flatliner, Multiduct and MultiSub. All Fiberpowertech connectors are thoroughly tested and have been approved for use.


Fiberpowertech supplies a wide range of accessories for working with  Cable Ducts. Branching off, connecting and port reducing can all be done with the available accessories from Fiberpowertech. Made from sturdy and high quality long-lasting materials, all accessories are reliable and proven products that are specially made for use with Cable Ducts. Years of experience have told us exactly what works in the field when working with ducts and pipes every day.


Manholes are a key component in any FTTx network. They allow you to easily and quickly access your network in the ground. Fiberpowertech Manholes are made from a tough and very durable polycarbonate material, ideal for putting into the ground. All manholes are highly customizable and can be fitted with exactly the configuration you need for your network. Available in a wide range of sizes and models.


No two FTTx networks are completely alike. Therefore you need the option to customize your network and your manholes, street cabinets and other components to exactly fit your specific network. Fiberpowertech supplies a wide range of accessories. We frequently expand and widen our selection of available accessories.


When building and maintaining  FTTx network, you need the right tools for the job. Working in the field will stress and corrode your tools. By using only the most durable of materials and keeping the tools simple and easy to use, Fiberpowertech can supply you with a selection of the best tools for the job.

We have spent years  figuring out exactly what tools will get the job done, while also keeping expenses at a minimum. Fiberpowertech supplies all the tools you need, for handling FTTx networks.