Fiber Optic Cables

Cable77 Fiber Optic Cables

Since 2001 CABLE77 has been constantly developing micro cables. All of our Optical Fiber Cables are tested and ensured to work optimally and with as little friction as possible when used in conjunction with duct products.


  • Blown Fiber – ABF (PP)
  • Single Tube micro cable (PE, PA)
  • Multi Tube micro cable (PE, PA)
  • 200 Microns micro cable (PA)
  • Duct micro cable (PE)
  • Armoured Multi Tube micro cable (PE)
  • Multi Tube micro cable (LSZH)

To get good blowing results CABLE77 worked with several of the leading cable producers, to change the oversheet and memory effect of the standard duct cable (1996-1998).

Our Experience

We have been pushing, dragging, blowing and floating in pretty much everything imaginable since 1990’s. CABLE77 did a lot of pioneering and a lot of teaching, on how to install cable with air and water. We did the mistakes and we made the learnings.

We produced the first micro blowing machine in 2000 and our first MultiSub Duct blowing machine in 2003.

The offered cables are fully compliant to the relevant IEC specificationstions. All of provided cables are completly dielectric / non metalic  – immune to electromagnetic interferences.

Our KNOW-HOW is the sum of years of constant tests and developments. We are able to assure that the products we offer are the best available products on the market. In our catalogue we are summing up many years of  our experiences. With us as a partners in your project you are sure to work with the best.