Fiber blowing machines

Cable pulling

The conventional cable pulling process uses a rope inside the duct, which is attached to a cable and pulled back, in effct pulling the cable through the duct. The force needed to pull the cable is originated by a capstan or by pulling the rope manually. The force required to overcome the cable resistance to movement is a complex function.

Cable blowing

An air-assisted installation is meeting the same physical laws but does it in a different manner. The forces applied first come from a mechanical device, which pushes the cable into the duct and second from applying a flow of air that will “carry” cable on its journey. Factors such as :

  • Length of installation
  • Path
  • Frictional components
  • Quality of contracting
  • Balance in size between cable and ducts
  • Cable design (diameter, construction, sheath, weight)
  • Temperature and other physical conditions such as humidity etc.

And many others matters, has again and again proved to be rather crucial for success. At the high air-speed blowing method, the ducts and pipes must off course be of a good quality enabling a large airflow to go undisturbed through. To get the best performance, there are several factors to consider.

Cables, Ducts, Connectors...


Cable design being one of them. A too flexible cable cannot he pushed properly without it curling up and pushing itself on inside of the duct. Stiffer cables are easier to push, they however consume more force in bending if the duct have a complex routing layout.

Also the duct’s ability to hold air pressures of up to 10-12 bar (+145 psi) without leaks calls for quality duct and pipes.

Also connectors and the assembling are of high importance. The connectors must be easy to mount and dismount. Above matters has to be mixed with the right choice of blowing machine.

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