Unique products ranging from Street Cabinets and Connectors to Manholes and Tools.
  • Product Overview

    – Micro cutter
    – Cutters
    – Tools box
    – Pipeplough
    – Beveler

  • Product Overview

    – FPT KAT Micro
    – FPT KAT Mini
    – FPT KAT Mini Log Box

  • Product Overview

    – Port Reducer/Minifold
    – Branch-Off
    – Pull-eye
    – Reifer
    – Trace-ball

  • Product Overview

    – Manhole (PC)
    – Manhole frame
    – Vagina for micropipes
    – Reducer
    – Covering

  • Product Overview

    – Straight connectors
    – Reducing connectors
    – End connectors
    – Gas connectors
    – Split-end connectors

  • Product Overview

    – FPT-DW-1
    – FPT-DW-9
    – FPT-FN-1

  • Product Overview

    – Indoor cabinets
    – Outdoor cabinets

High quality, adjustable, rolling rack designed for use with both small and medium fiber drums

Smart design makes it possible to adjust the width, so it is ideal for use in the car and on uneven surfaces.

Locate, trace and pinpoint all kinds of targets with the handy FPT Compact Receiver

FPT Compact Receiver is a easy-to-use wire, cable and duct sondes locator.

ANGACOM – is Europe’s leading business platform for broadband content. Among the 460 exhibitors from 37 countries are telecom vendors and network operators .

We look forward to welcoming you at  GM PLAST booth E40 / Hall 7.